Matthew- Jake Kane

Digital Front End Designer/Professional Photographer

App Design

Outside of my current role at SCA, I work hard on designing and researching the latest UX/UI standards and have been able to work on various small projects.

Here is a selection of some of the apps that I have designed in the past 5 months.

Website Design

I have been working in a creative role at Southern Cross Austereo for the past 2 years. In that time I have the amazing opportunity to work on some really cool projects ranging from Major Station Tactics to simple Graphic Design

Here is a selection of some of my best work.

UX / UI Design

Over that past week I have been given the task to design the User Interface and the High Fidelity designs of a Device Cupboard Check in and out System. The system will be implimented within the company to better manage how staff use test devices.

Below I have included the wireframe designs of the design and the stages of high Fidelity Designs I went through.


Low Fidelity Design Version 1

High Fidelity Design Version 2

Contact Information

Mobile : 0417 921 337
Gmail :